Reader for CSV, Excel, XML, and fixed width files in .Net languages like C# and VB.Net

The DataStreams framework started out as a stream based parser for CSV files for use in the .Net framework. The framework has since evolved to include Excel XLS, Excel XLSX, fixed width, and XML files. Bulk insert capability for Microsoft SQL Server has been added for use with SqlBulkCopy.

Stream based parsers allow for ultimate performance, low resource usage, and nearly unlimited versatility scalable to any size data file, even tens or hundreds of gigabytes. Event based data manipulation and validation allows total control over the flow of data during the bulk insert process.

Thoroughly tested code used by hundreds of companies guarantees the production ready stability and versatility required for enterprise level systems.


v5.31 (7/31/2022)

.Net demo version, code samples, and Visual Studio demo projects:

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