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FixedWidthReaderColumn Class
Represents a source column in the data to use for parsing.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: DataStreams.FixedWidth
Assembly: DataStreams (in DataStreams.dll) Version:
public sealed class Column

The FixedWidthReaderColumn type exposes the following members.

Public methodFixedWidthReaderColumn
Initializes a new instance of the FixedWidthReaderColumn class specifying the width of this column.
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Public propertyAlignment
The justification of text in the column. If the text is left justified, then padding will be applied to the right side of the text to meet the column's defined width.
Public propertyMinLength
When trimming off extra padding characters, the minimum length to return for this column. If the padding character is a zero, the minimum length might need to be set to 1.
Public propertyPaddingChar
The character to use for padding a column's text to meet the defined column length. Spaces or zeros are the most common. Default is space.
Public propertyTrimPadding
Determines if padding characters should be removed from the text value of the column while parsing. Default is true.
Public propertyWidth
The length of the column.
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