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CsvWriterUserSettings Class
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: DataStreams.Csv
Assembly: DataStreams (in DataStreams.dll) Version:
public class UserSettings

The CsvWriterUserSettings type exposes the following members.

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Public propertyComment
The character to use as a comment signal. Default is pound, '#'.
Public propertyDelimiter
The character to use as the column delimiter. Default is comma, ','.
Public propertyEscapeMode
Specifies how to escape an occurance of system characters, like the TextQualifier and Delimiter, inside field values when required. Default is Doubled.
Public propertyForceQualifier
Use this to force all fields to be surrounded by the text qualifier even if the qualifier is not necessarily needed to escape this field. Default is false.
Public propertyRecordDelimiter
The character to use as the record delimiter. Default uses the system default end of line marker.
Public propertyTextQualifier
The character to use as a text qualifier in the data. Default is quote, '"'.
Public propertyUseTextQualifier
Whether to qualify columns of data with the TextQualifier if the data requires it. Default is true.
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