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CsvDataReaderUserSettings Class
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Namespace: DataStreams.Csv
Assembly: DataStreams (in DataStreams.dll) Version:
public class UserSettings

The CsvDataReaderUserSettings type exposes the following members.

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Public propertyComment
The character to use as a comment signal. Default is pound, '#'.
Public propertyDelimiter
The character to use as the column delimiter. Default is comma, ','.
Public propertyEscapeMode
Specifies how to escape an occurance of system characters, like the TextQualifier and Delimiter, inside field values when required. Default is Doubled.
Public propertyHasHeaders
Indicates whether the first record of data contains names of the columns. Default is false.
Public propertyRecordDelimiter
The character to use as the record delimiter. Default is combination of standard end of line characters for Windows, Unix, or Mac.
Public propertySafetySwitch
Safety caution to prevent the parser from using large amounts of memory in the case where parsing settings like file encodings don't end up matching the actual format of a file. This switch can be turned off if the file format is known and tested. With the switch off, the max column lengths and max column count per record supported by the parser will greatly increase. Default is true.
Public propertySkipEmptyRecords
Whether to treat a record with no data as if it wasn't there or not. When set to true, two consecutive occurances of the record delimiter will be treated as only one. When set to true, when the reader encounters an empty record, all fields will contain their corresponding column's default value. Default is true.
Public propertyTextQualifier
The character to use as a text qualifier in the data. Default is quote, '"'.
Public propertyTrimWhitespace
Whether to trim leading and trailing whitespace characters from non-textqualified column data. Default is true.
Public propertyUseComments
Whether to look for comments while parsing or not. Default is false.
Public propertyUseTextQualifier
Whether to use a text qualifier while parsing or not. Default is true.
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